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We started recording way back in the late 70's when we still used tapes. We currently have recording studios in The UK and South Africa.

Although we release most of the music we produce, we also do once off recordings.

Singer, but you can't play an instrument? We can help. You don't have to be established to get a break. We work with a lot of amatures. We all started there.

It is not all about money. Here at the Dog Box it is more about seeing people succeed. That is also the reason why we are not big on singning contracts. In most cases we work with the artists to get their music ready, then leave it to them to release it under which ever label they choose. After all, it is all about them.

We are a fair trade company. To put this bluntly, if an artist sings one of our songs, we pay them 15% of the profit from each song sold. If an artist want us to release their own work, then we take 15% of the profit from each song sold.


Our Services

Artist Management

Our management team will guide you through every aspect of your career. They will help you to book gigs, plan album projects, orchestrate record releases and tours, create marketing and merchandising strategies, and make sure you get paid for your work.


Song Writing, Composing And Copyright

Most of our artists write their own songs, but we always welcome new songwriters on board. Experience has shown that most aspiring songwriters and new artists don't know where to start. You are welcome to contact us, even if it is just for advice. We also help you to register the copyright on your work.



We have our own studios but also work with other studios in South Africa and the UK. It happen sometimes when we get atrists who can't get to our studios and to save money on flights ect we would send them to one of our partner studios where they can record what we need. (Voice) That is then send to us to complete the project.



We do all the mixing and mastering in house. Here, the same as the recordings we work with partner studios. Someone else may have the expertise in a certain field, so why not let them do what they do best?


Releasing music,TV and Films into shops We Do It All

Websites and music stores like iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play don’t allow users to directly submit content. They only deal with approved distributors.. Finding a distributor is easy.. Many small, independant companies allow users to create an account and sign up online. They normally have some cost and/or subscription in their plans. Some of the biggist companies like The Orchard,are invite-only, meaning they only work with clients they hand-select. They’ll have their people call your people.. We are proud to be able to be part of The Orchard to release our products.


Marketing / Gigs and Festivals

We do the marketing, organise gigs and hold our own festivals. We also help to get the artists get airtime on radio. You don't have to be signed by us.


Video Production

We do video production for all music videos, and short programs, or interviews with the artists.


Bottom line.

There is a lot of companies to help you get your music online, but will they still be there next year? The Orhard is part Sony Music, one of the biggest in the world. We are tax registered in the USA. This means when your song earn money in the USA we pay the tax, before you get paid. This is a major problem that is often overlooked.






Welkom Nagelique nog voordat 'n lied vrygestel is, is dit reeds op die N1M peradelys. Welgedaan. We Welcome Nagelique to our label. Exiting times ahead. To have an unreleasded song on the chart speak for itself.




Sophie Tasker

(Time to) Put Myself First.


We have two versions of the same song, the first one is a studio version and a acoustic version.

Get it on I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon or your favorite online shop.-- should be available before Christmas 2019

We were No 4 and 5 on the N1M chart in Engeland


The Veteran


We are writing more songs and will release a album in 2020

Get The Veteran Now on I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon or your favorite online shop.

Voertsek Boereorkes

Sarie Marais


Dit was No 2 op die N1M treffersperade in Engeland

Kry dit by I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon


Digby Crank

Same Old Town


Get Same Old Town Now on I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon or your favorite online shop.

We Are British

This song was written after the London attacs in 2005


Get We Are British Now on I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon or your favorite online shop.

The Salazars


Get Nothing Now on I Tunes, Google Music, Spotify, Amazon or your favorite online shop.



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